This is the page where I talk about myself (yikes). I guess I'll start with where my photography journey began. I get asked the question, "So how long have you been into photography?" a lot and I used to say that I first got into it when I took a class in high school and then grew to love it even more in college when I took another class and bought my own DSLR—but then a few years ago my grandma found some old photos of me as a toddler, holding an old Kodak disposable camera, taking what might have been my first portrait!! (Click through the photos below to see them.)

Call it a coincidence or call it a toddler being entertained by a toy, but these photos are so special to me and make me feel like being a photographer is what I was born to do. There’s something so special about being able to capture the essence of a person or a relationship in a still frame, and it’s such a special feeling to be able to do that for people!



Now I guess I'll tell you some random things about myself! 

1) I grew up on a farm in small town Iowa. I moved to Chicago after I graduated in the spring of 2017 and I love the city (besides the sales tax, ugh) but miss Iowa too!

2)  My new year's resolution this year was to cook one new Pinterest recipe a week. It started off well... but then I got into situations where I'd be bringing Tupperware full of leftover lemon blueberry-swirl cheesecake to work to eat for lunch... and then I started making spaghetti and meatballs every week instead of trying a new recipe... Oops! Maybe next year!

3) Everyone in my immediate family (my parents, Mitch and Janine, sisters Shannon and Molly, and brother Joe) attended or is currently attending college at the University of Iowa. Our parents met there on their first day of classes freshman year! 

4) I used to hate beer and once secretly poured a milk stout my sister gave me down the sink because I didn't want to drink it. Now there's nothing I love more than a nice cold IPA so I'm ashamed I did that.

5) I lived in a house of eight (8) girls in college. 

6) My favorite places I've ever traveled to are Southern India, Northern Argentina, London, Seattle, and Colorado. Next up on my bucket list is Italy, Ireland, China, Greece and Thailand! I'm offering discounted rates in 2020 to anyone who's planning to get married in any of these places!

7)  Below are some photos of things that make me the happiest in life (key: Jeni's brown butter almond brittle ice cream, my $30 burnt orange office chair that I thrifted, my boyfriend Riley, my sisters + sweater weather, CHRISTMAS, traveling to new places with great company, my family, the month of October, mountains, and standing on chairs to capture love with my camera).

I love meeting new people so I can't wait to hear from you and to learn more about you!!


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