Rodrigo + Nikki’s Chicago Proposal

A few months ago, I did a giveaway for my Instagram followers to with a free Chicago or Iowa City engagement session with me; Nikki tagged Rodrigo in my post and, even though they didn’t end up winning, Rodrigo reached out to me about setting up a session in Chicago because he was planning to propose to Nikki!!!!!! We chatted back and forth about the best way to go about capturing this special moment between the two of them—should I hide in the bushes nearby??—and I ended up suggesting the idea of setting up a regular session (it was their anniversary so the timing was perfect) and then midway through the session I would pose them back to back which would be his signal to get down on one knee!!

I was honestly really nervous the night before the session; I went to bed at 10:30 P.M. but didn’t fall asleep until 2:30 A.M. because I kept running through the perfect way to work the prompt in my head (“okay, now I want to try something kind of artsy, will you guys go back to back and then take a few steps away from each other” lolol), but as soon as we started shooting all my nerves went away and I was just excited for the moment Rodrigo would get down on one knee!

After he proposed (and after we sat in their car to warm our hands up a bit and celebrate!! Did I mention it was freezing cold down by the lake?) we spent another hour taking pictures at North Avenue Beach and the Lincoln Park Nature Walk and I had SO much fun getting to know the two of them throughout the session. The beach was partially covered in snow and ice, so it almost looked like we were in Antarctica instead of Illinois haha!

I love how unique their photos in their puffy coats down by the lake turned out with. Scroll down to check out these and my other favorites from this Chicago proposal and let me know what you think!