October 21, 2018

Molly + Shane | Chicago Couples Photos
« Pizza Slices by the Lake »

This shoot solidified to me that all you need is 10 minutes, a cute couple in love, and a little bit of beautiful fall lighting to create some magic! I, along with a lot of other Iowa City and Chicago wedding photographers, am just finishing up my busy season for the year. No more weddings until 2019 for me!! After a week of rest (and editing), I was already ready to start shooting again, so I reached out to Molly to see if her and Shane would be interested in doing a quick little mini shoot with me—and some pizza slices—down by the lake! I just checked my camera data for what time these pictures were taken and we literally took all of these in FIVE MINUTES. That’s all the time we needed to get this set of adorable photos.

Scroll through to see!

*We opted for some thinner slices than the traditional Chicago deep dish because, well, imagine these pictures with them trying to hold up some Lou Malnati’s pies instead :-)