April 5th, 2019 – Rock Creek State Park

Julie + Eric’s Springtime Iowa Elopement

If you had told me my freshman year of college at the University of Iowa that I would be a full-time wedding photographer in about six years, I probably would have called you crazy. At the time, I was a Health and Human Physiology major and was living in a dorm hallway (shoutout to all of my Hillcrest 300 girls) filled with a bunch of other health science majors with no plans of becoming a photographer—although I did take Elements of Digital Photography second semester which sparked my interest!

Why am I starting this blog post telling you what my major was my freshman year of college? Because the beautiful human in white in these photos was my RA that year!! Julie has always been so supportive of my photography, and less than a year ago she was saying how she needed a reason to hire me to take photos for her… enter Eric. About two months ago, Julie reached out to me on Facebook asking for my pricing for wedding photography—I didn’t even know she was dating someone much less about to get engaged!! Her exact message said, “So... crazy question.... lol. How much would you charge to do a wedding?? Hypothetically speaking 😂”  Flash forward about a month and they were engaged and we were planning an Iowa elopement / engagement session!

It worked out perfectly that the weekend I was planning to be back in Iowa was the same weekend they were flying in from Texas and Washington to get legally married!! We planned the session for the Friday before they tied the knot, and although we were originally just going to do an engagement session, I asked if Julie wanted to finish the session in her white dress so we could commemorate this special weekend in their lives and she said yes!

Theses two are SO head over heels in love with each other and it honestly made me a little emotional seeing Julie so happy throughout the session. Scroll down to see for yourself!!

I cannot say enough amazing things about our experience with Marissa. We both live out of town due to being active duty military and Marissa went above and beyond to accommodate a time and location that would work best for us. She even sent me suggestions for outfits for our elopement session! During the photos, she made us feel at ease and SO comfortable and even played music to set the mood. She has so much personality and spunk and had us cracking up the whole time which made our photos turn out AMAZINGLY. She even sent me edited previews THE SAME NIGHT she took our photos!! Marissa’s passion for photography is so evident... I could go on and on. Thank you so much for such an amazing experience Marissa! We will definitely be using her for our wedding photos!

Location: Rock Creek State Park, Iowa

Dress: Lulu’s

Flowers: Julie’s mom :)