January 19th, 2019

Brayden + Jill’s Winter Chicago Engagement Session

HOLY SH*T I LOVE THIS SNOWY CHICAGO ENGAGEMENT SESSION MORE THAN ANYTHING. Jill and Brayden just got engaged in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago, but they were quick and ready to schedule their engagement shoot in their new home in Chicago; they’re both from Oklahoma where they first met, but moved to Chicago to work at the same accounting company a couple of years ago. Four months in, Jill realized it wasn’t her jam and left to return to grad school for Nutrition (check out her vegan cookie business!! how awesome??).

These two also have the best “how we met” story ever; they met at a karaoke bar in Oklahoma (amazing) and sang Picture by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow together (bold choice) that night! Jill was telling me how she wanted to make it their first dance song but Brayden said it would set the marriage off on a weird tone hahahahaha. He’s probably right because the whole song is about breaking up/being heartbroken about it! You better believe we played it during the session and belted it out it though.

I can not wait to fly down to Oklahoma (my first time!) this August to shoot their wedding. They’re such kind souls and so in love with each other; it was a privilege to be able to capture it on my camera.

Locations: Lurie Gardens, Riverwalk & Madison Street Bridge (Chicago, IL)

Couple: Brayden P. and Jill H.

Photographer: Marissa Kelly Photography