September 2, 2018

Abby + Ryan’s Apple Orchard
Engagement Photo (ft. Rain) | Iowa City, IA

I was already excited to be Abby and Ryan’s photographer for their Iowa City wedding next summer, but after meeting them and shooting their engagement pictures, I’m now 10000000x more excited. Let me tell you why.

Because I’m living in Chicago, my number of Iowa City engagement shoots are a little limited and it can be hard to reschedule a shoot within the same week or weekend if something comes up or if the weather isn’t cooperating. I had to reschedule a few other shoots the day of Abby and Ryan’s session, but the forecast was showing that if we just bumped theirs up by a few hours, we would be golden and avoid all the rain!! Awesome!!! So there we were at Wilson’s Apple Orchard outside of Iowa City; they had just changed into their second outfits when the skies opened up and it started POURING on us. We ran for cover (I had left my umbrellas up in my car since the weather app was showing clear skies) and were standing under a little overhang when Abby said, “We’re already wet, should we just go with it?” and they ran out into the rain and danced and kissed and I stood under that little overhang and captured it all.

My favorite part of this was when I had Abby and Ryan reenact the rain kiss from The Notebook; a group of women were running by to get out of the rain and one of them screamed “LIKE THE NOTEBOOK!!!”

I can’t thank Abby and Ryan enough for being so fun, in love, and easy-going. Stay tuned for pictures from their Iowa City wedding next summer...TBD on if there will be more rain (“is it good luck if it rains during our engagement shoot too?”) :)